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  • 这个冬天不太冷优秀英语作文

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    This winter is really not cold. The afternoon’s sunshine shine at the people’s body is warmly! Let people want to take a nap. Enjoy the winter’s sunshine. Let me squint to feel the sunshine’s flavor. My thinking is gradually getting blurred. How beautiful of the nature. The sky the cloud the mountain and the river, the red flower and the green tree, I walk in. If I can build two cottages then feed a lot of chicken, far away from the noisy city. Removals of desire, if there is nothing to do I can go to fishing, feed some flower, and make a cup of tea, drink slowly, then invite some friends, drink some wine, or play chess, wouldn’t be beautiful happy, the Xanadu in my mind is so beautiful , it make me don’t want to leave here. A gentle breeze blowing, frighten a person up who was in dream, it turns out a dream, how pretty’s winter sunshine, this winter is really not cold!

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