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    Robert is 21 years old. He is about 5 feet ,9 inches tall . His face is long and narrow . His eyes are green. His hair is light brown. He doesn't look very Italian. He smiles a little and usually has a friendly look on his face . He isn't fat and he isn't thin. His build is average.



    注释1 当我们描写一个人的体型的时候,我们也可以分为以下两个部分:

    (1) 体格(build):

    fat 肥胖的; thin 瘦的; slim 苗条的; overweight 超重; slight 瘦小的; well-built身材魁梧。

    A. She is a slim girl, while her boyfriend is well-built.


    B. She is a little overweight, so she decided to lose weight.


    (2) 身高 (height)

    medium height 中等身材; average height 一般身材; below average 低于平均身高; tall 高的; short 矮的; tallish 有些高的; middle-sized 身高中等的; of medium height 中等身材; 1.78 meters 身高1.78米.

    A. He used to be middle-sized, but when he is getting old , he is becomeing short.


    注释2 在描写面部容貌的时候,可以从脸型、头发、五官入手。

    1. 脸型(face):

    round 圆的; thin 瘦的; long 长的; square 方的。

    A. She eats too much these days , so her face is getting round .


    2. 头发(hair):

    (1) 发型(hair style):

    straight 直的; curly 卷发的; pigtails 辫子; crew cut 平头; bald秃头的。

    A. Her hair is brown and curly.


    (2) 发色(hair color):

    jet-black 乌黑的; fair 金色的; blonde 淡黄色的; golden 金黄色的; dyed 染色的; brunette 浅黑色的; mousey 灰褐色的; chestnut 栗色的.

    A. She is a beautiful girl with fair hair.


    3. 五官:

    (1) 眼睛(eye):

    deep-set 深陷的; sunken 凹陷的.; bulging/protruding 凸出的; eyelashes 睫毛; eyebrows 眉毛.

    A. His eyes are deep-set because he has worked till midnight for a long time.


    B. He had the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.


    (2) 鼻子(nose):

    long 长的; straight 挺直的; big 大的; small 小的; flat 扁平的; hooked 钩状的.

    A. He was born a hooked nose.


    B. His nose is very big, so he doesn't like it.


    (3) 嘴部(mouth):

    tooth 牙齿; even 整齐的; uneven 不整齐的; chin下巴。

    A. When he laughs, we see his even teeth.


    B. She has a double chin.


    注释3 一个人的服饰也是外貌的重要组成部分,所以对服饰的描写也很重要。


    smart 潇洒的; scruffy 邋遢的; well-dressed 衣着华丽的; casual 随便的; conservative 不显眼的; elegant 优雅的; fashionable 时髦的; suave 文雅的; untidy 不整洁的.

    A. He looks casual just wearing a tweed suit.


    注释4. 另外,人的神情也能体现一个人的形象。


    bright 欢快的; broad 无所顾忌的; charming 可爱的; cunning 狡猾的; faint 不明显的; happy 高兴的; pleasant令人愉快的; sad 伤心的; sweet 甜蜜的; pleased 满意的; grinning 露齿而笑的; smirking 傻笑的; friendly 友好的; warm 温暖的,热情的; cold 不热情的.

    A. Because of his high scores, he smiles brightly.


    B. A friendly smile will help you to win others heart.


    C. She is charming when she smiles.


    注释5. 常见的系动词有:

    appear, be, become, feel, get, go, grow, look, prove, remain, seem, sound, taste, turn, etc.


    A. The advertisement sounds interesting.


    B. Human rights are a major concern in today's world.


    C. The result of the experiment is very encouraging.


    D. My idea is that we should follow our original plan.




    1 外貌Appearance

    He is handsome/ good-looking/ athletic/ muscular/ fat / overweight .He has fine/ strong/ sharp/ regular features.

    She’s pretty/ beautiful/ good-looking/ attractive/ plain/ slim/ plump/ thin / skinny .

    She/he’s tall / short / of medium height/ of average height.

    She has short hair/ medium length hair/ long hair/ long wavy dark hair/ long and straight hair/ short and curly hair.

    He has got a baby face/round face/ an intelligent face.

    She has a slim/ plump/ sensitive face,

    His forehead is high/ broad/ rounded/ low/ flat/ narrow/ perfect.

    Her eyes are big/ bright/ dark/ warm/ attractive/ intelligent.

    2 描写眼睛

    (a pair of) big eyes (一双)大大的眼睛

    (a pair of) beautiful and bright eyes (一双)水灵灵的眼睛(a pair of) radiant eyes (一双)炯炯有神的眼睛

    (a pair of) watery eyes (一双)水汪汪的眼睛

    3 描写眉毛

    bushy/heavy/thick eyebrows 浓眉

    have/with big eyes and bushy eyebrows 浓眉大眼

    shapely/slender eyebrows 秀眉


    (a head of) beautiful hair (一头)秀发

    (a head of) black/dark hair (一头)乌黑的头发

    (a head of) thick hair (一头)浓密的头发

    5 描写鼻子

    high nose 高鼻梁

    6 描写嘴唇

    ruddy lips 红润的嘴唇

    sexy lips 性感的嘴唇

    7 服装

    She/he’s very well-dressed. He is dressed in a light brown suit and a red tie. He looks very professional in a dark blue suit. She looks very smart in a pale gray dress. he always wears casual clothes like jeans and T-shirt.

    8 描述身材

    short(矮的), tall(高挑的), slim(苗条的), slender(苗条的),

    plump(丰满的), medium height(不胖不瘦的), short and fat(短粗的

    ), tubby(矮胖的), muscular(强壮的)

    9 描述头发

    straight(直发), wavy(波浪卷发), curly(卷发), fair (浅色),

    blond(金黄色), light brown(浅棕色), dark(深色),dark brown(深棕色), black(黑色)


    2014作文复习材料---4. 描述一个人Description of a person 2014作文复习材料---4. 描述一个人Description of a person

    1.【2007全国卷I】假定你是李华小说散文,希望通过外籍教师Peter找一位笔友。请写一封短信,描述一下你理想中笔友的条件小说散文,并说明为什么选择这样的笔友。具体条件包括: 1.年龄; 2.性别; 3.爱好(旅游、运动、宠物等)Dear Peter,

    I’m writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor. ________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

    Best regard, Li Hua

    Dear Peter,

    I’m writing to ask whether you are able to do me a favor. Would you please introduce a pen friend to me? I hope the pen friend is a 18-year-old girl whose hobbies are similar to mine. In my mind, she is interested in travelling, swimming, and playing table tennis. Besides, it would be better for her to have a pet dog. With such a pen friend, I hope I can share with her our experiences in travelling, taking care of pets, or whatever we have in common. And I believe I will improve my English by doing so and learn more about her country.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    2.【2006湖南卷】请根据下面的英文短诗,展开适当的想象,写一篇短文。标题为:My Teacher Mr. Moore There's a teacher Mr. Moore. Who is lovely and thirty-four. Always encouraging us to try. He leads us to a world of why.

    We all admire him more and more. 注意:

    1. 不得照抄短诗原文。

    2. 必须结合短诗的内容,发挥想象,适当展开。 3. 必须突出短诗的主题,结构完整,语意连贯。 4. 短文不能写成诗歌形式。

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Of all my teachers, Mr. Moore is the one who impresses me most. Though he is 34, he looks very young for his age. And he's one of the most popular teachers in our school. Compared with other teachers, Mr. Moore pays more attention to his way of teaching. He tries various ways to make his classes lively and interesting. In his opinion, we should not only know what, but also understand why. So, instead of giving us answers immediately, he encourages us to think by ourselves whenever he puts forward questions. With his help, we've learned how to analyze and settle problem. What a wonderful world of why he leads us to! He is such a learned person that we all admire him very much.

    3.【2006全国卷II】假定你是李华,亚洲冬季运动会将在你居住的地方举办,现正在招募志愿者,你希望成为其中一员。请按要求用英文给组委会写一封信。内容应包括:1.个人情况:年龄,性别,学历 2.个人条件:英语好,爱好体育,善于交际,乐于助人,熟悉本地情况 3.承诺:提供最佳服务。

    生词:申请—apply (v. ), application (n.),志愿者—volunteer Dear Sir/ Madam,

    _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Yours faithfully,

    Li Hua

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I’m excited to learn that the Asian Winter Games will be held in the city I live. I am Li Hua, an 18-year-old boy student in a senior high school. And I desire to be a volunteer for the games. I can speak fluent English and I’m fond of sports. Besides, I’m good at communicating with others and I am always ready to help others. What’s more important, I am familiar with local situations. If I’m lucky enough to be a volunteer, I will try my best to do my job well. I hope the games will be a great success and I hope I will be accepted as a volunteer. key structures重点句型 1. 爱好

    2. 英语好

    3. 申请

    4.【2012新课标卷I】 假定你是李华,从互联网上得知一个国际中学生组织将在新加坡((Singapore)举办夏令营,欢迎各国学生参加。请写一封电子邮件申请参加。 内容主要包括:


    2.参加意图(介绍中国、了解其他国家); 3.希望获准.Dear Sir/ Madam,

    _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Regards, Li Hua

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I'm Li Hua, a middle school student from China. I’ve learned on the Internet that a summer camp will be held in Singapore. I desire to take part in it. I've been learning English for 10 years, and I can speak fluent English. What is more, I’ll be able to introduce China to students from other countries and learn about their countries as well. I hope I will be accepted as a member of your summer camp.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    4. 申请信客套话

    5. 定语从句

    英语美文在线听 有关亲情的美文 何为散文 he 小说散文

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