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    Wild animals have no place in the 21st century. Some people think that preventing these wild animals from dying out is a waste of resource. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion.

    Biological diversity has never been so threatened as it is today as a result of the process of human civilization. The various forms of pressure created by human activity have destroyed natural balance, led to the deterioration of natural habitats, genetic erosion and the rarity, even disappearance, of a number of plant and animal species.

    As the pace of civilization accelerates, more people, taking more space, needing to use more natural resources, engaging in ever-growing consumption, impose severe deterioration on the habitat of animals. An increasing number of people come to realize that the disappearance of animals will result in serious threat to the equilibrium of ecosystem. Simply put, the extinction of hawks, a rat-eating bird seen in many regions, will result in the rapid propagation of rats. And rats, further, will destroy the prairies and threaten the other animals like gazelles, zebras and others, who live on grass and green lands. The coexistence of animals and human beings creates perfect harmony and brings about the vividness to our planet.

    It is hard to imagine what our world would be like without animals. Sociologists also point out that the disappearance of animals can cause social and economic problems. Animal trade, as a supporting sector to the world economy, was very active before. However, the situation is beyond control since animal trade is very profitable and alluring. Many species cannot escape the adversity of being killed.

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