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  • 初中英语作文我的星期天带译文

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      以前的礼拜天我基本都玩已往了,但是此刻我的礼拜天变得有意义多了。工作是如许的:有一次教师领导我们往观光福利院玩电脑作文,那里住的都是没有爸爸妈妈的孤儿。他们真可怜呀!有的儿童已经到了上学的春秋玩电脑作文,但是他们仍没有背上书包。于是我想,我们家离福利院很近故事,我可以每个礼拜天往一次作文 ,然后把我上课学到的工具教给他们。这多有意义啊。当我把这个设法告诉教师时玩电脑作文,她赞成了。从那以后我就是那里的义务小教师了。

      During Sundays

      I used to idle away my Sundays. But now I have more meaningful thing to do. One day our teacher took us to visit the Welfare House. There lived the orphans. Some of them are of school age already. But they don’t have the chance to go to school yet. So why couldn’t I teach them what I had learnt in the classes on Sundays? My home is close to the Weffare House. Wasn’t it a good idea?

      When I told my teacher this, she looked at me with a yes on her face. From then on, I act as a little voluntary teacher there on Sundays.

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